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    Awareness-Based Habit Change Coaching

    Learn and practice an evidence based approach to address unwanted habits with individualized guidance and support.  Transform the patterns that interfere with your health and happiness (eating, anxiety, procrastination and everyday addictions to phone, video games, shopping, etc.) with kindness and curiosity.

    What can you do to improve your life?

    Would a better relationship make a difference in your quality of life?

    Do you have lifestyle habits that interfere with your health and/ or happiness?

    Both the quality of our health and the strength of our close personal relationships have numerous powerful effects on our everyday experience.

    If you’re interested in taking an active role in your health and happiness, please get in touch today!

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    About Nancy Logue, PhD, Licensed Psychologist

    Welcome! I am a psychotherapist who wants to help you live more fully, doing what you can to take care of your health and happiness.  I specialize in couples therapy and Mindful Habit Change.

    I use the well-researched Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy to support distressed and motivated couples heal and strengthen their bond for resilience, health, and happiness.

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    I also have many years of experience working with anxiety, depression, eating problems of all kinds (binge-eating, anorexia, bulimia), and other behavioral disorders. I am offering individual coaching and group classes using Jud Brewer’s 3-step model of Mindful Habit Change.

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