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    Emotionally Focused Therapy

    My approach to helping distressed relationships incorporates my many years of experience as a psychotherapist and utilizes the Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) model of couples therapy developed by Sue Johnson.

    Over 20 years of research with couples of different ages, cultures, and histories has shown EFT to be the most effective method of helping couples repair and enhance their relationships.

    EFT is a non-blaming approach that:

    • Focuses on the basic emotional needs fueling negative interactions
    • Helps couples build a more secure, loving bond.
    • Clarifies, expresses and responds to the needs and wishes of each
    • Deepens friendships, revitalizes romance and sexuality
    • Is supported by over 20 years of research demonstrating effectiveness
    • Can be beneficial when prior attempts have been unsatisfactory

    In a confidential, non-judgmental exploration, conflicts and crises are understood in relation to the powerful and universal need for secure emotional connection. Destructive patterns can be recognized and understood, long-standing hurts can be addressed and healed, and new intimacy can be created and strengthened.