Unwinding Anxiety

8-week class to support users of the Mindful Habit Change apps developed by Jud Brewer MD, facilitated by Nancy Logue.

Tuesdays: November 10 – December 29
3:00-4:15 pm Eastern/ 12-1:15 pm Pacific.
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Free Introductory Orientation November 3

We all struggle with unhealthy habits – getting stuck or lost in news, social media, worrying thoughts or feeling out of control with eating, smoking and other unhealthy activities. Why are these habits so hard to overcome? Why does willpower eventually fail? Can we learn how our mind / body works to change our habitual behaviors?

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This 8-week interactive online course is for those who want to manage anxiety and other unwanted habits while connecting with a caring community. You’ll be introduced to the science of habit formation and learn how your own mind develops worry and avoidance strategies. We’ll apply this knowledge to learn sustainable, healthy ways to respond to life’s challenges, drawing from ancient teachings and mindfulness practices to gain freedom from cravings and everyday addictions.

With weekly lessons and practices we explore how compassionate curiosity helps us become aware of and reduce anxiety-related habits over time. Regular group discussions highlight shared wisdom and universal challenges. Together, the structure of the course and curriculum and the care of the teachers and fellow students foster deeper engagement with practices you can use to develop wisdom and healthier habits.

Join us for weekly online group sessions (Tuesdays at 3:00-4:15 pm Eastern/ 12-1:15 pm Pacific) via the Zoom platform with meditative movement, sitting meditation, brief talks, and community sharing.

Participants will also receive electronic materials for daily home practice, including access to the Unwinding Anxiety App with daily lessons, guided meditations, articles, and links to other videos. You will also have access to a global online community through journaling and a live midweek video meeting with other expert facilitators.

Mindfulness Based Habit Change (MBHC) is based on the work of researcher and addiction psychiatrist, Judson Brewer, MD, PhD. Integrating both ancient wisdom, based on Buddhist psychology, and new learnings from modern science, Dr. Brewer developed a step-by-step approach to habit change demonstrated to be effective with anxiety, stress eating, and smoking cessation. Initial data from this program shows a 48% reduction in anxiety after following the program for 28 days.

Recommended viewing: Dr. Judson Brewer’s Ted Talk

Recommended reading: The Craving Mind: From Cigarettes to Smartphones to Love -Why We Get Hooked and How We Can Break Bad Habits by Judson Brewer.

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About Your Teacher

Nancy Logue

Nancy Logue is a psychotherapist, educator and perpetual student of the arts and science of healing and growth. Mind\body health has long been a focus of her personal and professional life and she has developed health promotion\primary prevention programs throughout her career. She is trained to teach a variety of mindfulness-based interventions (MBSR, MBCT, MSC and MB-EAT) and is a qualified facilitator for individuals and groups using Dr. Jud Brewer’s Mindfulness Based Habit Changes apps, Unwinding Anxiety, Eat Right Now and Craving to Quit. She also loves to help couples heal the obstacles to closeness – to rediscover and invest in their relationships changing the quality of their connection and perhaps their family’s life.