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    All levels include 60 day subscription to the Unwinding Anxiety app with mindfulness tools and exercises, daily lessons, and an expert-moderated online community at your fingertips.
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    We are here for those who find that the companionship of others deepens their own commitment and engagement with the challenge of habit change. As you join this class for improved health and personal growth, it is important to take care of yourself as you practice. We encourage you to try all the materials provided, seeing which exercises, tools and skills work best for you, which may change or vary over time. Always modify the exercises offered to honor your body or circumstances. As with so many challenging endeavors, the key to lasting progress is to begin again, again and again.

    We are delighted to share this experience with you. What follows are reminders and agreements about the context and limitations of our Unwinding Anxiety class along with requests for basic information for the teachers.

  • Agreements

    Mindfulness practices are not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment or for psychiatric medications. This is a skill-building class, not a psychotherapy group and not conducted under the auspices of a therapeutic license.

    Engaging in any activity involves a risk of adverse reactions which cannot be entirely eliminated. Please review the potential benefits and risks of mindfulness practices to determine if this class is appropriate for you.

    During our 8-week class, if you experience any meditation-related or class-related adverse reactions, please tell one of the teachers about it right away. You can mention it during class, in an email, or by phone. Consult your physician if you have any health concerns.

    I agree that my participation in the Unwinding Anxiety course and any specific practice is entirely voluntary. I will be responsible for observing and attending to any pain or discomfort by pausing, going at my own pace, respecting my own limitations or making other adjustments for my own safety or comfort and communicating with the teachers as needed. I agree to seek professional support if I experience distress that is difficult to manage.

    I hereby assume the entire risk of participating in this course and release the creators and teachers of this program of any liability, loss or injury in connection with my involvement with this course.

Cancellations and Refunds

  • 100% refund less $50 administrative fee until October 19
  • 50% refund less $50 administrative fee until October 26
  • No refunds after October 27.