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    Mindful Habit Change for Anxiety and Related Behaviors

    In addition to the many benefits of practicing mindfulness that I have experienced in my own life, I have been privileged to witness how mindfulness has supported healing and growth in people I have worked with as a psychotherapist.

    So many people struggle with anxiety, depression, food/eating and other lifestyle issues! Awareness is the first step in changing the relationship to unwanted unhealthy habits of mind and behavior. Addiction psychiatrist Judson Brewer, MD, PhD. has developed and researched programs that use mindfulness to change negative habits and strengthen healthy ones. With the three apps for smoking, eating and anxiety, you can access mindfulness resources right on your smartphone, tablet or computer, read his books or listen to him on you tube or podcasts.

    Each of the Mindful Habit Change apps offers brief (up to 10 minutes) video lessons daily, a variety of mindfulness exercises, goal-setting and check-in tools and an online community where people ask questions and share their journeys.

    I have been learning and practicing with Dr. Brewer’s programs since November 2016 and have found the techniques and technology to be surprisingly powerful in addressing some of my own poor habits. Join me for a live online support group for people using these mindfulness apps to support positive change and improved health.

    Live Online Interactive Support

    Join me for live group support for people using mindfulness to outgrow unwanted habits.