Nancy Logue EFT ApproachMy Approach: Understanding and Enhancing Relationships

The Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) model is a natural fit for my approach to therapy. My work has always been informed by the attachment model and positive psychology. In individual, couple, family and group psychotherapy, and in leading workshops and classes, my goal is to empower people to actively work to improve their own health, well being and growth.

There are many aspects of health we cannot control. However, we can influence our relationships and thereby enhance our quality of life. By making choices that improve our relationships, we can reduce our stress and improve our health and happiness. EFT is not for couples only ― this type of therapy can also help individuals who are single to improve their lives.

Early in my career I worked for 5 years as a parenting educator. I helped first time parents and troubled families learn to care for themselves so they could better care for their children. Teaching them to tune in to and respond appropriately to their children’s signals led to more successful interactions, higher self-esteem for parents and children and less tension in the home. My dissertation research was inspired by my work with teenaged parents and focused on how the quality of a parent’s attachment might influence management of conflict in relationships and parenting skills.

As a clinician and eventually a leader and designer of clinical approaches at The Renfrew Center I saw how eating problems might express important feelings when a person believes there is no other way to communicate. All aspects of Renfrew’s treatment programs utilize the healing power of healthy interpersonal relationships to free people from eating disorders. In my own practice, I have applied the same techniques to help people struggling with many kinds of destructive symptoms.

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